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Hair Extensions & Care.

Have you been looking for the perfect extensions that look good and feel comfortable? Well, let's talk.

Have more questions? Keep scrolling to learn more about hand tied extensions.


The FAQs.

I understand that extensions are a luxury service that requires a lot of research. It is a big decision and an investment for yourself. As a specialist, we strive to give you the best service and take care of all of your hair needs. The hair of your dreams is waiting for you.

What method do you use?
What is the investment?

We love Grace Hand Tied method. Grace hand tied extension method is one of the most comfortable and least damaging methods that we have found. The process is done by creating a track by using beads and cotton thread. Then wefts are added onto the track to be sewn on. This technique creates a seamless result!

Because every person has different needs and  each customization is so unique, it is difficult to quote pricing without having an in depth consultation. Although, extensions can range from $650-$2,000 depending on your hair goals. The more rows, wefts, length and custom coloring you may need, the higher the investment will be. If you are interested in doing a full consultation, please fill out our digital consultation form.

Are extensions damaging?
Are extensions high maintenance?

There are many different types of hand tied extensions out there and understand the concern you may have! With this method, each application is customized to each guests hair type to ensure that there is no pulling on the natural hair that would cause tension or damage. Because the wefts are being sewn in, your scalp will need an adjustment period. This can cause slight discomfort in the first couple days. Do not mistake this as causing damage.

Extensions do require maintenance, yes. But this does not mean they are high maintenance. As far as caring for extensions, move ups are required every 6-8 weeks. This is where the extension hair is removed, your hair is washed and treated, then the extensions are put back in. Time varies depending on how many rows you may have. This will all be covered in your initial consultation. As for styling, most guests feel that they can go longer through styles and they require lower maintenance.

Can I still wear my hair up?

Yes, you absolutely can. Hand tied extensions allow enough flexibility to wear your hair up in a ponytail. With Grace Hand Tied extensions, we offer a hidden bead method as well that is great for fine hair. You won't see the beads when your hair is up. Ask your stylist any questions you have about the hidden bead method.

Caring for your Extensions.


Please take the time to review these instructions carefully. You and your extensions will be very happy.


+ Use a wet brush to remove any tangles. Make sure to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top holding at the top for less pulling. This is also the perfect time to apply a serum from mids too ends.

+ Section off your hair depending on how many rows you have. First section is your natural hair at the bottom. Apply heat protectant to each section.

+ Start blow drying hair and get out 80% of moisture using hands and fingers. Avoid any round brushes or styling tools until hair is mostly dry to avoid any pulling of the wefts.

+ Use styling tools (round brush, paddle brush etc.) the last 20% once hair is mostly dry. Make sure to blow dry hair in sections to help speed up the blow-dry process and to not over heat one area of the hair too much.

+ If using heat tools (curling iron, wand, flat iron) make sure to spray heat protectant on to dry hair to prevent any damage or breakage to hair.


* Suggested products are Kevin Murphy. Make sure to look at ingredients to avoid alcohols.


+ Do not go to bed with wet hair. Please make sure to dry your hair if you prefer to shower at night.

+ Brush your hair to remove all  tangles.

+ Wear your hair in a loose braid (one or two) or loose low ponytail.

* Using a silk pillowcase or scrunches is always helpful to create less friction or tangles throughout the night.


+ Brush your hair to eliminate any tangles or matting before showering.

+ Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to help the longevity of your color and extension hair.

+ Section your hair off and while shampooing GENTLY, make sure to focus on your natural hair and up close to your wefts as well. * I will make recommendations to my favorite products.

+ Make sure you do not leave any product in your hair. Rinse Rinse Rinse.

+ Apply conditioner and make sure it is applied evenly throughout your mids and ends. Taking a wet brush in the shower to comb through will be very helpful with any tangles that may happen from shampooing.


*Remember to hold at the top of your wefts to eliminate any tugging.

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Have questions about extensions? Ask us here and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday.

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